Well, I have had some positive feedback on Tweets of the Week thus far, so we’re going to keep it going. And this week we’re including Facebook! Mind blown, right?! Tweets of the week including Facebook?!?!

Here’s the weekly installment of Tweets of the Week. Keep up your amazing tweeting!



I mean, this doesn’t need an explanation right? It’s just too damn good. I don’t even care if it might be photo shopped and it’s not a real bookstore. I’m going to assume it is. Well done @ctmitchellbooks. Well done, sire.


This one made me laugh too. I could explain it to you, but what’s the fun in that. Click on the link @WriterDMac provides. You’ll enjoy that you got to figure out the joke for yourself.


Hailing from Minnesota myself, this news was especially sad for me. Prince is a pop icon, but he’s a Minnesota legend. Stories about Prince’s coolness and kindness seem to be around every corner in Minnesota. Every other person has some story or quip about the second greatest musician to ever hail from our state. (Sorry, Prince, I love you dearly. RIP. But Bob Dylan still holds that crown.)

Love Elie Wiesel. Love this.



Those of you that are regular readers of Nothing Any Good know I love Mr. Rogers. It’s because he would say things like this.


Keep writing away friends!


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