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Tweets of the Week (4-8)

Social Media can be wonderful and terrifying and depressing and uplifting and disgusting all at the same time. I guess it’s just like real media. Or real social interactions come to think about it.  Huh. For all our praising and bashing of social media, it seems it just reflects all of our basest and most praise-worthy qualities as a society.

But I digress. All of you had some wonderful tweets this week.  Here are some of my favorites. Give these tweeters a follow.


I love this quote. It’s simple, yet profound. Anger rarely helps anything. Love is patient. Love is kind.




Of course I would like this. I’m a writer. But it doesn’t make it any less true. You could easily replace “music” for “book” and the comment would hold nearly the same meaning.



I don’t know what it was about this tweet, but it really struck a nerve with me. Sondi Warner has a wonderful blog and has written a great article for Nothing Any Good, but there was something vulnerable and honest and anxiety-ridden about this tweet. I could simultaneously identify and empathize with Sondi.


A gratuitous plug for my book? Sure. But you’re reading this blog, so why haven’t you read the book yet? @CindyRjones71 has and she tweeted this out (and I quote): “I shed many tears to both joy & sadness & it caused some reflection on my own life journeys & meanings.”

And you’re telling me you don’t want to read it? You know you want to.



Ok, enough of the gratuitous plug. Would I love this tweet as much if it didn’t have the cutest little monkey on it? Probably not. But it just goes to show, it’s not always what you say. It’s how you say it and who you say it to.





I’ve said it plenty of times before, but Maya Angelou has the wisdom of a hundred lifetimes. And that picture of her. I just want to give her a great big hug and hope her wisdom washes over me by osmosis.



Great quote. There’s no reason not to do what you love. Take action.



One of the easiest concepts yet hardest lessons for young writers.




I realize that this probably interests only me, but I loved this tweet. My explanation won’t do it justice, but Piccolo Girl went viral last March. Someone at CBS was brilliant enough for this callback.


I’m not alone in my enjoyment of Matt Dusk’s tweets–he has a half a million followers. He tweets this many times at the end of different nights, but I enjoy it. My mother had a quote from Pope John XXIII taped to her bedroom mirror when I was a child: “Lord it’s your Church, I’m going to bed.” 

There’s only so much we can do. At the end of the day, we have to let go, detach, and start anew in the morning.


Keep tweeting! Keep writing!



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  1. Bob Germaux

    I enjoy your blog in general, Dan, but I really love the Tweets of the Week section. Great fun, especially the one about the barista, of course. What writer (or artist in any field) wouldn’t appreciate that sentiment!

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