Rotavirus is a hell of thing! It really waylaid us this week. Sorry about our slow week on the site!

Here’s the weekly installment of Tweets of the Week. Keep up your amazing tweeting!

Anyone want to go on a vacation? That is a beautiful site is it not?

This made me chuckle.

Somewhat related question–has anyone tried writing using one of those voice-to-text tools (like Dragon Naturally Speaking)? I’ve been very curious to try this out to se how my writing style changes. I would love to know if anyone has tried writing that way.

This is a great read. @Mediascover does a wonderful job stirring up emotions and laying out the vulnerabilities of writers in this piece. If you like it, You’ll enjoy his latest book The Gingerbread Collection.


Shameless plug? Maybe… Plug for @beachboundbooks and their great reviews! I wonder what that latest #bookreview is about. Huh. Maybe I’ll check that book out.


Minnesota. Nuff said.

If your goal is to be featured on Tweets of the Week, Minnesota or Einstein will probably do it for you. I’m a sucker for Minnesota and Einstein.
Keep writing away friends!



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