In 2024, business cards seem like a bit of an anachronism. After all, why would anyone go to the bother of printing their details on a piece of paper when we have email and all manner of other technologies? 

Well, this post aims to tell you why. We explore why the business card is still a thing and how it could help to market your enterprise and make it even more successful than it already is. 


Higher Conversion Rate

Most business owners don’t think of their business cards as conversion tools, but they should. It turns out that handing a piece of paper with your name on it is often much more effective than displaying a banner ad on some random website. 

As such, the conversion rate tends to be higher. A single business card can have much more impact on the level of customer buy-in you get compared to, say, a random spam email. 


Convenience And Speed

There’s also the convenience and speed of business cards. Company cards are just so easy to hand out whenever you go anywhere. 

Imagine, for instance, you’re going to a dinner party and there’s going to be a bunch of people there who are interested in your services. Sure, you could hand out your email, but it would take people ages to type it into their phones and store it in memory. But with a business card, the interaction takes an instant and they immediately have a permanent record of your details with no errors or typos. There’s no excuse why they can’t call you after the event. 


It’s also worth noting that printing business cards gives you a sense of gravitas and credibility. Customers are more likely to take you seriously if they can see you’ve gone to the effort of printing out a bunch of cards and handing them to them. 

Owning business cards improves the credibility of your business. It makes people believe that you’re serious about what you do. It also gives them a sense of feeling special that you’d think of printing out all those cards just for them. It’s an excellent and nearly free way to build rapport. 


More Tangible

Another benefit is the fact that business cards are tangible, something that’s rare in the modern economy where intangible items tend to attract the most attention. 

Being able to hold something in their hands gives your customers a unique feeling that they don’t usually experience when interacting with other brands. For many, it can be a reason to choose you over the competition and try you out. 


Appealing To Everyone

Lastly, business cards are appealing to everyone, not just young internet users. You can give them to people just graduating from college or retirees. It really doesn’t matter. What’s important is that they can take your cards off you and keep them in their pockets until they need to call you about your services. That’s where you pounce and do your thing. 


So there you have it: why companies are still using business cards in 2024.




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